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DJI T40 drone for efficient crop spraying
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DJI Mavic 3M

See More, Work Smarter

Gain a new perspective on your crops with the industry leading DJI Mavic 3M.

DJI Mavic 3M Features


Identify crop issues early
5 MP Multispectral Camera


Capture every pixel
Mavic 3M with RTK module for centimeter-level positioning


Terrain-follow aerial surveying
Mavic 3M aerial surveying with DJI SmartFarm Platform Mapping
Agremo Software Services - The most powerful field analytics software for precision agriculture
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Agremo Software Services

Save Time. Crop Management software for your business.

Agremo™ Software Services offers cutting-edge technology for crop monitoring in precision agriculture. The Agremo advanced software transforms aerial imagery into precise and objective analytics, allowing you to detect crop damage, count plants, evaluate plant emergence, and estimate yield potential. With such solution, you can reduce crop input costs, save time on field scouting, track crop growth, and optimize seed and crop production. Experience a comprehensive year-round crop management solution for all your agricultural needs.

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One for All

Survey, map, spray, and spread, helping you achieve ultimate precision in your agricultural operations.


Capture Everything

Integrated with wide, zoom, and thermal cameras with a laser rangefinder, which together can capture the aerial data you need, when you need it.

Infrared Display

The Matrice 30T comes equipped with high-resolution infrared (IR) technology, enabling the detection of hotspots and heat signatures.

DJI Mavic 3T Drone

DJI Mavic 3T

Focus, Find, and See the Unseen

Equipped with a 12 MP Zoom Camera, supporting up to 56x Max Hybrid Zoom to see essential details from afar.

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