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SeedVac Model 20 - 11 HP Honda Engine 400 lb/minute

SeedVac™ Model 20

11 HP Honda Engine

400 lb/min

The SeedVac™ Model 20 is everything you need to get started today.

  • 11 HP Honda Engine for reliable power.
  • Capable of conveying up to 400 lb per minute.
  • Streamline planting with quick and easy seed transfer.
  • Reduce physical strain with effortless operation.
  • Enhanced efficiency with the ability to fill 16 rows in 8 minutes.
SeedVac Model 30 - 24 HP Honda Engine 700 lb/minute

SeedVac™ Model 30

24 HP Honda Engine

700 lb/min

The SeedVac™ Model 30 provides that little extra HP you need.

  • Powerful 24 HP Honda Engine for increased capacity.
  • High-speed transfer with a rate of 700 lb per minute.
  • Designed for larger scale operations requiring more power.
  • Effortlessly handles even the most demanding seed transfer tasks.
  • Offers a robust solution for continuous, heavy-duty use.
Using bulk seed boxes?

We have several options available

SeedVac Quad-Pro Logo
Quad-Pro Bulk Seed Stand

The Quad-Pro Bulk Seed Stand stacks 4 hard-sided seed boxes back-to-back, making room on your trailer to haul fertilizer tanks and other equipment to the field.

  • The Quad-Pro Bulk Seed Stand holds 4 hard-sided seed boxes back-to-back.
  • One central hopper directs the seed into the airlock of the Seed Vac.
  • 94” Wide to fit most flat bed trailers.
  • The center hopper eliminates the need to switch hoses or move the airlock.
  • Seed boxes are locked in place to secure them to the stand.
  • A hinged door allows access to the bottom hopper for cleaning.
SeedVac GrandStand Logo
The GrandStand

Utilize your truck or trailer bed as a platform with the GrandStand, which can be used with a single box or multiple modules for balanced load.

  • Use your truck or trailer bed as a platform.
  • May be used with a single box, or multiple GrandStand modules.
  • Add interlocking and self-aligning modules for a balanced load.
  • Integrated trolley rail makes it easy to move the Seed Vac airlock.
  • Accepts old or new style center-flow bulk boxes.
  • One person operation – all controls and connections are accessed from one side.

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