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We provide end-to-end services supplying your agricultural operations with technology solutions. From the most advanced spray drones on the market, to specialized software that can take stand count in most crops, to pairing you with the right spray chemicals, to legal assistance...

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  • End-to-end services to get you up and running today!
  • Specialzed Agremo software that can take stand count on most crops and prescription herbicide maps
  • Fill your spray drones with the right chemicals to increase your yields and spray with efficiency!
  • Legal questions? Let us assist you with registration, regulatory compliance, and all your legal needs
Agremo Software Services - The most powerful field analytics software for precision agriculture
Agremo Software Logo

Agremo Software Services

Crop Monitoring. Precision agriculture software for your business.

A cutting-edge technology that transforms aerial imagery into precise and objective analytics. Detect crop damage, count plants, evaluate plant emergence and estimate yield potential. Reduce crop input costs, spend less time on field scouting, keep track of the growth of your crops and optimize seed and crop production. A year-round crop management solution for all your needs.

Get started flying your drones with the new state of the art Agremo™ Sotware and get the most our of your operations. See how our software services can help you modernize and maximize your crop yields today!

Agremo Software - Variable Rate Spraying

Variable Rate Spraying

Enhanced Precision for Field Treatment

Know where exactly in the field and what amount of pesticides to apply. Cut ag input costs by performing precision spraying and treating only the field areas that are in poor condition or infested with weeds. The Variable-Rate Spraying tool is what you need to cope with soaring pesticides prices.

Corn Calculator

Optimized Yield Predictions with Corn Calculator

Get the actual predictions of the corn yield on the analyzed field or field area. From high, average to low yield productivity, see how your corn yield is performing! Calculate corn productivity and know what you expect from the harvest.

Agremo Software - Corn Calculator
Agremo Software - Biomass Calculator

Biomass Calculator

Informed Decisions with Precision Biomass Insights

Predict biomass in field crops to get better insights into your yields. Use the plant density results and biomass of a single plant to calculate total biomass and biomass per area. Get insights into the best performing areas in the field.

Plant health vegetation index

Monitor and Enhance Plant Health with Vegetation Indices

Visualize, monitor, and manage your plants with four vegetation indices available: VARI, EXG, GLI Index, Visual NDVI, SAVI, RENDVI, NDVI. Generate vegetation index maps to measure photosynthetic activity across your area of interest.

Agremo Software - Plant health vegetation index
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Midwest Air Drones - Spraying Services

Spray Services

Our Spray Services offer you the power to control and optimize every aspect of your crop care routine, from pest management to nutrient delivery.

Get started filling up your drones with our recommended chemicals and get the most out of your flights with our precision spray products.

Enliven Logo
ENLIVEN™ with Yield Burst™ Technology

Industry first yield increasing adjuvant that delivers premium drift reduction technology, superior water conditioning and ultra efficient surfactant package

  • Industry standard drift reduction and coverage technology
  • AMS based water conditioning
  • Ultra efficient surfactant package for increased coverage and cuticle penetration
  • DRA (Drift Control Deposition)
Accelerator Logo
ACCELERATOR™ with Yield Burst™ Technology

Superior drift reduction adjuvant, fueled by Yield Burst Technology designed to meet dicamba tolerant crop application requirements.

  • Fueled By Yield Burst Technology
  • Industry leading drift reduction and coverage technology
  • Premier water conditioning agents outperform AMS
  • Ultra efficient surfactant package for increased coverage and cuticle penetration

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Midwest Air Drones - U-PASS Foundation

U-PASS Foundation

We are committed to safe and profitable Ag Drone Flying


Your Ohio Representatives

Committed to Helping Farmers


U.PASS's mission is to educate to eliminate the challenges faced by unmanned ag pilots.

Tools & Resources

Contact us about the U-Pass Foundation and how we can provide tools and pointers to get you flying in Ohio.

Let Us Help

Our board of unmanned ag pilots will work hand in hand with state Departments of Agriculture AND State legislatures to provide best practices and compliance guidance to ensure safe and profitable drone operations.

Legal Services

Getting started with the paperwork, registrations, and legalities can be daunting - let us help you with any of your legal questions today.

  • Drone Registration: Assistance with the registration of drones according to regulatory requirements.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Guidance on complying with drone-related laws and regulations.
  • Contract Law: Assistance with drafting and negotiating drone-related contracts.
  • Agricultural Law: Guidance on laws related to agricultural practices and agribusiness.
  • Litigation: Representation in lawsuits or disputes with drone crashes or incidents.
  • Risk Management and Insurance: Advice on managing legal risks and obtaining insurance coverage pertaining to your drones.