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Midwest Air Drone Agras T40

Agras T40

One for all

The AGRAS T40 is equipped with the revolutionary Coaxial Twin Rotor design, enabling it to carry a spray load of 40 kg[1]and a spread load of 50 kg (70 L)[1]. The aircraft is built in with a Dual Atomized Spraying System, DJI Terra, Active Phased array Radar and Binocular Vision. It supports multiple missions from surveying, mapping, to spraying and spreading, helping you achieve ultimate precision in your agricultural operations.

  • Dual atomization for even spraying
  • Fully enhanced remote controller for smoother, faster mapping
  • Omnidirectional Obstacle Sensing
  • Mapping, spraying and spreading, all in one
Midwest Air Drone Agras T20P

Agras T20P

A New Flagship for Digital Farming Excellence

The DJI Agras T20P is a groundbreaking agricultural drone designed for efficient aerial spraying, featuring a substantial 20-liter tank and a transformative body for precise application, especially in orchards and around fruit trees. Integrated with DJI's advanced digital agriculture solutions, the T20P enables data-driven best practices, reducing fertilizer use and increasing yield.

  • Substantial 20-liter spraying tank for ample coverage
  • Revolutionary transforming body for precise and effective spraying
  • Integrated with DJI digital agriculture solutions for data-driven best practices
  • Promotes sustainable farming with reduced fertilizer use and increased yield
Midwest Air Drone Agras T10

Agras T10

A New Flagship for Digital Agriculture

The T10 agriculture drone offers efficient coverage with its 8-liter tank, capable of treating 15 acres in an hour. Its collapsible design, quick-detach battery and tank, and standard RTK module for precise positioning make it a convenient solution for aerial applications. The ultrabright screen remote controller ensures an easy and seamless user experience.

  • High operation Efficiency with fast plugging of tank and battery
  • Easy to operate with fully automatic operation.
  • Front and rear dual FPV cameras + LED
  • Foldable. Quickly fold and transport your drone to multiple sites
Midwest Air Drone Agras T30

Agras T30

A New Flagship for Digital Agriculture

With a 30 liter spraying tank, the DJI Agras T30 takes aerial spraying efficiency to new heights. A revolutionary transforming body enables more effective spraying, especially for fruit trees. Using DJI digital agriculture solutions, the T30 helps reduce fertilizer use and increase yield with effective, data-driven best practices.

  • Designed for Long Term Service
  • Flexible folding for convenient transportation
  • Dual FPV Cameras for Improved Awareness
  • 40 Acres per Hour
Midwest Air Drone Agras T10


A New Flagship for Digital Agriculture

The Matrice 30T is designed to be compact and foldable, making it easy to pack up, carry, and deploy whenever needed. It is also equipped with dual-vision and ToF (Time of Flight) sensors on all six sides of the aircraft, ensuring comprehensive safety for both the drone and your mission. Additionally, the built-in ADS-B receiver provides timely warnings about any crewed aircraft approaching nearby. With four built-in antennas supporting OcuSync 3 Enterprise, the Matrice 30T enables triple-channel 1080p video transmission, allowing for seamless switching between input feeds, even in challenging environments.

  • Safe and Reliable With Dual-vision and ToF sensors on all six sides
  • Superior Image Quality
  • Improved Stability and Battery Life
  • Lightweight and Portable
Midwest Air Drone Mavic 3M


Accurate images that capture every pixel

Effective aerial surveying needs to see the invisible. That's why Mavic 3 Multispectral has two forms of sight. It combines an RGB camera with a multispectral camera to scan and analyze crop growth with total clarity. Agricultural production management requires precision and data, and Mavic 3M delivers both.

  • Highly integrated imaging system
  • Efficient and reliable battery life
  • Stable signal, smooth image transmission
  • Intelligent field scouting
Midwest Air Drone Mavic 3T


A commercial drone for every use

The Mavic 3T sets new benchmarks in the realm of small commercial drones, revolutionizing the industry. It boasts a mechanical shutter, a 56× zoom camera, and an RTK module that enables precision at the centimeter level. With its thermal capabilities, the Mavic 3T takes mission efficiency to unprecedented heights, catering to a range of applications including firefighting, search and rescue, inspection, and night operations.

  • Equipped with a 12MP Zoom Camera, supporting up to 56× Max Hybrid Zoom to see essential details from afar
  • Simultaneous Split-Screen Zoom
  • Omnidirectional Obstacle Sensing
  • Batteries Optimized For Endurance