XAG P100 Pro

The perfect drone for new farmers

Midwest Air XAG P100 Pro flying
Midwest Air XAG P100 Pro flying outside

13.5 gal Tank

Pump System

5.81 gal/min Volume


About 46.96 acres/hour Efficiency


New Folding Quadrotor Design

Spreading System

Vertical Precision Broadcast

Smart Agricultrure

Smart Agriculture Cloud Platform

XAG P100 Pro Water Cooled Power Systems

Efficient Power Systems

High efficiency one-stop Water-cooled power solutions.
  • Water-cooled charging technology
  • Charge a battery Quickly
  • Operate in high temperature weather

Unified Pump System

Cutting-edge technology

Utilizing the powerful synergy of a peristaltic pump and centrifugal nozzle, the XAG P100 employs cutting-edge technology to deliver exceptional spraying performance. As the peristaltic pump swiftly squeezes the pump tube, liquid medicine is efficiently drawn from the medicine box. This liquid is then propelled through the centrifugal nozzle, which spins at high speeds, dispersing the liquid into fine, uniform droplets.

Precision Spreading

Uniform Spreading Pattern

Precision spreading in the XAG P100 Pro drone is achieved through vertical precision spreading with adjustable width, a feature designed to ensure accurate and efficient distribution of particles for agricultural purposes. The drone employs unique centrifugal spreading discs that facilitate rapid vertical downward acceleration of particles, enhancing their penetration into the target area while mitigating the effects of wind resistance.

Residual Detection Technology

Precision Detection

The XAG P100 Pro drone efficacy of precision in spraying hinges on the incorporation of accurate residual detection technology, notably featuring an upgraded non-contact liquid level sensor. This sensor plays a pivotal role in ensuring the real-time, precision detection of leftover chemical liquid within the drone's tank.

Quadrotor Design

Designed to streamline deployment

The new folding quadrotor design featured in the XAG P100 Pro drone offers a range of practical advantages. Its collapsible structure enhances portability, allowing for easy transportation and storage, particularly beneficial for field operations where mobility is crucial.

4D Imaging Radar

Fast Switching and Efficient Spreading

Enhanced detection performance, doubled distance coverage, heightened responsiveness, and expanded field of view characterize this system. Even when flying at maximum speed, it adeptly navigates obstacles from all angles, ensuring both safety and efficiency. Easy obstacle avoidance prioritizes safety and efficiency across detection ranges from 1.5 to 80 meters, with a maximum relative speed of obstacle avoidance of ≤ 13.8 m/s.

xag arc3 pro two hand remote control

XAG P100 PRO Specifications

Aircraft Specs
Motor Model A50
Rated Power (Single Motor) 4100 watts
Maximum Pulling Force (Single Motor) 52 kg
ESC Model VC13230
Maximum Output Current 230 A
Continuous Output Current 110 A
Propeller Model 5515 Propeller
Diameter × Pitch 55 inches × 15 inches
Dimensions (Paddles Extended) 2927 mm × 2868 mm × 323 mm
Dimensions (Paddles Folded, Arms Folded) 893 mm × 1095 mm × 345 mm
Symmetrical Motor Wheelbase 2094 mm
Protection Class IPX6K
Flight Platform Mass (Including Battery) 46 kg
Arm Tube Material Glass and carbon fiber composites
Rated Load 50 kg
Sustained High Precision Navigation Time with RTK Data Delay Limit RTK data delay within 600 seconds
Maximum Flight Speed 13.8 m/s
Hover Accuracy (Good GNSS Signal) RTK enabled: Horizontal ±10cm, Vertical ±10cm
RTK not enabled: Horizontal ±0.6 m, Vertical ±0.3 m
Maximum Takeoff Altitude 2000 meters (above 2000 meters will affect flight efficiency)
Recommended Operating Ambient Temperature 0~40 degrees Celsius
PSL Camera Specs
Video Resolution 1920x1080
Frame Rate 30 frames per second
Image Sensor 1/2.9-inch CMOS-RGB image sensor
Supply Voltage (Down View FPV) 5 volts
Supply Voltage (Forward Viewing FPV) 48 volts
Video Encoding Format H.264
Focal Length 3.2 mm
XAG Ruijet P3 - Core Spraying System
Core Spray System Size 737 mm × 734 mm × 497 mm
Rated Capacity of Medicine Box 50 liters (50 kg)
Quantity 2
Disk Speed 1000~16000 rpm
Atomized Particle Size 60~400 microns (subject to spray flow, environment, etc.)
Fan 5~10 meters (depending on flight speed, flight altitude, usage per mu, environment, etc.)
XAG B13970 Smart Superchargeable Battery Specs
Model M1PPA13970A
Standard Voltage 48.75 V
Capacity 20 Ah
Protection class Rd
Discharge rate 48.75V/140A
Maximum Charging Current 100 A
Charging Ambient Temperature 10~45 degrees Celsius
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